Company of Jesus

A Third-Order Benedictine, Franciscan & Celtic Community

Who We Are

The Company of Jesus is a modern 'Third-Order' monastic community. This concept comes from St. Francis, who initially formed his First Order for men, Second Order for women, and Third Order for those in the world who had secular jobs and families, but wished to live according to a Rule of Life. As such, a vow of celibacy is not required. We have applied the Third Order concept to Benedictine and Celtic spiritualties as well, yielding a 'company' membership of Professed Franciscans, Benedictines and Celts.

The Company of Jesus holds to the teachings and worship forms of the Anglican Church. Our Episcopal oversight comes from the Rt. Rev. Roger Ames (ret.) of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes (ADGL) in the Anglican Church in North America. The ADGL is also the official diocesan home of the Order.  We are, however, ecumenical, and membership in the Company of Jesus is open to all baptized Christians, regardless of denomination.

As a Third Order, we do not require our members to take a vow of celibacy. Faithfulness in one's current state of life is our standard. Many of the sisters and brothers in the Company of Jesus are married and participate fully in the order as professed members. While some of our members are solitary and have chosen that path, they are also free to pursue marriage if they so desire.

We find the blending of Benedictine, Franciscan and Celtic charisms to be rich and stimulating as we discover the place where our own will ends and where Christ's will begins. We encourage you to join us in this adventure of discovery!

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