Company of Jesus

A Third-Order Benedictine, Franciscan & Celtic Community


A Message from the Abbot

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in the Company of Jesus!

We are a community of Third Order Benedictines, Franciscans, and Celts who seek to glorify Christ in our daily lives, following the examples of St. Benedict of Nursia, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Patrick of Ireland. In these great saints, we see peerless examples of lives lived in unique imitation of Christ and complete obedience to God’s Will. 

We seek to emulate our patrons as we obey Christ's charge to feed His sheep, to proclaim Him to those who do not know Him, and to minister to the needs of the hurting world around us.

Your visit here is evidence of a remarkable worldwide of interest in Christian monasticism. As you navigate through our site and learn more about us, it may be that God is leading you to join us. If you have further questions, we are happy to try to answer them. Please feel free to contact us.

God's Peace to you in your Journey!



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